Monday, January 12, 2015

What is Janewayism ?

Janwayism is not a religion, it is a school of thought and a way of life. It's the deconstruction of the way we think about the world and our lives in the service of evolution. The ideas and concepts are largely based on the television series 'Star Trek Voyager', among other things. There are particular ideas you must accept to be a subscriber of Janewayism. Generally, it's not acceptable to use God as valid explanation for things you can't explain.

You may hear the arguement: "How do you explain the universe, planets, the way things are all around us ? Our planet, its environment, the air we breathe... it all fits so perfectly together for us to live. It must be GOD!".

No, it must not be. In-fact, it can be a lot of things. I'd be willing to believe we've been fertilized on this planet by aliens before I'd accept the explanation of some omnipresent 'GOD'. I'd be willing to hear evidence on the matter, but I'm not ready to make irrational assumptions for the sake of my own personal comfort or to simply conform to some silly accepted norm. The point is that I'm willing to keep an open mind. That's Janewayism.

Captinan Janeway of the Starship voyager is the closest thing to the personification of feminine human perfection. What she represents is a shining example of what we all could be and how perfect women are capable of becoming, in addition to her desire to become better then she is. You could clearly tell that she 'felt' her emotions, it was what she did as a result of them that mattered the most. For the most part, emotions are real and not-real at the same time. They are real in the sense that we can clearly feel and identify them. They are not real, in the sense that they do not actually impact our environment as we sometimes irrationally believe, to the point where we create an action that generally makes the situation worse, a situation we cause ourselves, then comaplain and do it again. This is a general example of how we can allow our emotions to control us. Consider, being in complete control of your emotions. Consider, what your emotions mean and why. Generally, anger and frustration is due to a lack of understanding. The fact that we don't understand can create anger in and of itself.

Money is bad because it's more important then progression.

America is bad because it's a republic that refuses to adopt important socialistic principals, largely due to money being paramount to progression.

The money itself is not as bad as the way it's lent. I don't completely understand the government bailing any non-government funded corporation out of debt, it must have been a sound tactical decision.

What's going to happen ?
We're all going to start living longer and longer, so that means the people that become in-charge stay in-charge. We are not supposed to die. We're populating the world so fast that we're going to die of resource contention. The only hope is to understand how to travel to other habital planets, so we can survive, for as much as 'forever' as there is. So while we're here, which part of this do you own ?

Maybe, we aren't going to live forever and things are going to be just as they are now.... The rich are going to stay rich and get richer. Poor people will continue to be poor because they don't realize that they don't have to be. A non-communicative invisible being created us and watches us. Even if we were created as a result of and Adam and Eve, that would mean that we are all products of incest.

According to this the world had 1,000 people on it 70,000 years ago.

Why do the following companies advertise ?
- Electric company (Progress Energy) - you don't have a choice in electric companies.
- Hospitals (Rex) - You don't choose your hospital
- Health insurance companies (Blue Cross / Blue Sheild) - You don't choose your insurance company, your employer does.

The American healthcare system is the new 'natural selection'.

I've seen this advertising on
- Hockey stadiums (center ice)
- Television
- Radio

Power, and health companies. We need power, it needs to be a cheap as possible. There are people that will DIE if they don't have power. There are people that will DIE if they don't go to the doctor. How is it right, that these services are for-profit companies with share holders and everything. It's ok for people to make money. It's not okay for people's greed to result in the death of others, or even worse... making other people's lives torturous and completely miserable, where they live in complete poverty and do not have a chance at all to get any assistance with antyhing they really need. What does it say about us as humans, if the person that was going to invent superluminal crafts, never was able to go to college, or learn anything about science or anything... As a result, we have to wait about 500 years for another person with that compatible generic make-up, and that sort of brain, that's capable of perceiving such things.. oh well.. Let's hope he is born in a rich neighborhood, or better yet a neighborhood that's not on fire, or has water. Or hasn't exploded.

Why is gas so expensive ?
From what I recently found out, the price we pay for gas is the same price that EVERYONE else has been paying in other countries for years. As a result of the expensive price of gas, oil companies have reported record profits. Natural resources support our energy needs on this planet, without damaging it. The expensive price of gas is really just a 'wake up call'. I am not a geologist, but it took a long time for that oil to get in the planet. Do we really want to 'suck' it all out ? That can't be good. The earth is alive, according to our definition of alive. If it is threatened by us, and believes our destruction it's survival, I don't think we're going to win. In addition, there's not enough money in the economy to circulate around, thus causing a recession. The United States government, is responsible to control and regulate the business of it's country, so that it does not do harm to the economy. The government has failed to do this. This make our economy 100% government responsibility. If we don't get our act together, we're may be learning to speak Chinese sooner, than later.

We're a rich, spoiled fucked up society that is not using their resources to make this entire existence 'not just our country' a better place. As Star Trek colorfully and optimistically illustrates, we could live without the need for money. We live to better ourselves. That means if you want to hang around and paint shit that looks like an elephant penis and not have to worry about actually supporting yourself, then you should have that right as a 'human' to do so, so that you may fulfill your true potential as an elephant penis artist. This is the point though, we want humanity to fulfill its true pupose. Something, at times we don't understand and at the same time hope to have faith that it will all work out in the end. What's going to happen to us in 5000 years if we follow this path of evolution via financial gain, as opposed to evolution through human growth and progression. You live in the service to better yourself, only.

There must be rules to have a functional society. Things like, no killing,no stealing, no assaulting people etc... The understanding that greed doesn't actually benefit you.

People are programmed to survive. That's why we love our family, and that's what we will try so hard to live when faced with death. Our emotions control us. None of us do anything with out it having an emotion attached to it. We are motivated to do everything we do. Motivation is the channeling of an emotion in the service of a goal. If we believe that we need to survive, then everything we do will be a result of the feelings behind that. You can change your motivations by simply desiring to do so, provided that you've identified the emotion that requires channeling, and the goal that requires accomplishing.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Picture fun pack

Who would have thought that the internet would be full of so many fun things !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who wants underage japanese gang rape on a public bus porn ?

The best part is that 3rd base gets blurred out, but getting raped by an entire bus of people is perfectly fine. You can't show the inside of a vagina, but there's no problem with forcing an underage school girl to her knees and holding her nose closed so you can put your dick in her mouth.

What blend of Asian heritage is responsible for this ?

It's definitely *NOT* the jews. NOT JEWS.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Henry Louis Gates got what he deserved.

Professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his home for pissing off a police officer, and not doing what he was told. When you try to piss off the cops, they arrest you.

Then, the black messiah, Obama could not help getting on his soap box to fuel the racial fire.

Since Barak Obama can project to the world his version of what happened at professor Gates house and so candidly share his thoughts with the world, then there shouldn't be any reason why I can't do that as well. Here's what happened:

  • Gates locks himself out of his house and attempts to break in.
  • An observer sees the break-in and reports to police.
  • Gates manages to get in the house and is chillin.
  • Police arrive, question Gates. Gates shows ID proving he lives there.
  • Gates decides he's going to be a black asshole and attempts to find a racial angle with the officers continued questioning.
  • The officers attempt to leave Mr. Gates residence. Mr Gates follows them and starts acting like a bigger asshole.
  • Police get sick of that negro bullshit and arrest Mr. Gates.
If he only would have calmed down, and not acted like a total dick hole, then he would have never been arrested. Cops do not want to arrest anyone, especially a Boston cop that shows up when people call 911. Cops want to preserve the peace and be quietly on their way. The more arresting, the more paperwork, the more bullshit. More importantly, if cops are tied up with stupid bullshit, there may be somone out there that really needs help from police and will not get it because of some black racist professor asshole that wants some media attention.

Stay black!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama needs to not be a retard with the economy

Obama and the Republicans have their own individual ideas as to what is best for the American economy. If the republicans had a plan, why are they waiting until now to present it ? Are you telling me that there was this magic plan hidden all this time and NOW is the time to unveil it ? Weren't the republicans in charge when the economy went into the crapper ? It's time to sit back and l2country


Obama just got here. I'm sure his plan is wonderful in so many ways it will make me want to cry like a little German school girl and masturbate in-front of my cousin.

K, so here's the Obama plan:

It's a good plan, but there's a few things that need to be pointed out.

It's not just the American economy that's suffering, it's the whole world. This is an example of how we are evolving into a world economy. When we hurt, other countries hurt, therefore the inverse of that is true as well. Sometimes, the best way to help yourself is to help someone else for no reason, other then just to help.

The reason the economy is in such bad shape is because property was valued much higher then it actually was and paper was written against that property, creating money and pumping it into the economy. This caused our money to become worth less and less, because the money was all in the form of notes backed by mortgage payers.

Also, if you've ever had a white collar job in America (government or private sector) you would know that:
  • most people are work, aren't working.
  • people in-charge aren't usually good at being in-charge.
  • work is more about control, power and politics then actually getting things done.
  • no one really cares
  • meetings are like the special olypics, reguarless of what is discussed, everyone is still retarded.
  • No matter how many employees there are, there are only a handful responsible for the company's income.
Generally, I have a hard time believing that any organization that doesn't create a measure of value to the world, it can not be truly self-sustaining. 

Finally, the last cause of the crap economy are these wtf banks that don't really have nearly as much money as they lend, and charge waaay to much interest to high risk lenders, then sell the debt for pennies on the dollar to collection agencies, whom hire a bunch of dickholes that annoy the crap out of people by calling them and getting 10% of these people to pay 50% of their original debt. This process devalues money.

How do we 'REALLY' fix it ?
Simple, if you want to create value, you have to create value.

Playing the world of warcraft for as long as I have in the past, I've learned a few things about economy. There's 2 types of money. Money that's created out of thin air and money that already exists that is exchanged. The more money you create out of thin air, the less it's worth. The more money people are willing to pay for something, the more it's worth. The government knows how many US dollars are in existance and where all the dollars are. The government can control 'some' of this money and create as much as they want. If they create 900 billion dollars, they have to try and freeze that much in existance. If this money goes into funding companies and organizations that create value which will hire people, those people will be employed, should be encouraged to purchase homes and will undoubtedly fuel the consumer driven companies.

If Obama looses focus on creating this value, the whineing republicans will be correct in that this package that's going out will do nothing but create more debt. At this point, our debt doesn't really matter, our economy is clearly tied to the rest of the world already, and as China, India and the rest of the fast paced countries begin to develop their economies, it will bolster ours and vice-versa.

If not, our debt gets bigger, but who really cares because if anyone tries to forcefully collect on their debt, they will just be met with our republican wrath.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009